The Honeycomb Project:
Volunteering runs in the family

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The Honeycomb Project
Chicago, Illinois

What’s the big buzz about family volunteering? Well, few service projects allow children to participate — especially in urban settings. So, in 2011, Honeycomb began placing families in niches where they were needed. Together, families model that it takes worker bees of every age to build and sustain a hive that nurtures all.

Partnering with more than 45 organizations, The Honeycomb Project engages its participants in meaningful service in a way that is distinctly honeycomb. The events feature snacks, prizes, stamps, and a friendly and approachable education environment.

The Honeycomb Project goes further than just organizing events. They mobilize and inspire their thousands of volunteers of all ages to pollinate their schools, workplaces and communities with the honeycomb spirit to spread the joy of giving and make the world a better place.