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Harmony, Hope & Healing

In the basement of St. Pat’s church in Chicago, a song is starting. One voice is joined by another, and soon the power of music fills the space. It’s a healing power, one that’s offering emotional and therapeutic support to women facing domestic abuse, men and women dealing with homelessness, and at-risk youth walking a tough road toward adulthood.

Chicago, Illinois

Harmony, Hope & Healing is creating a safe environment for them all to heal and rebuild. A curriculum of vocal exercises, movement, percussion and theme-related readings teaches participants healthy ways to relieve anxiety, deal with depression, reduce isolation, and increase self-esteem. Through music, they strengthen their own resources to revive mind and spirit.

  • January 24, 2018

    Harmony, Hope & Healing joins national collective
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  • It gave an authenticity to the work we do, because you captured us in the thick of our work at shelters, but also allowed us this professionalism that we never had before.

    Marge Nykaza, Harmony, Hope and Healing

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