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Educating Outside the Lines

Educating Outside the Lines brings ability awareness programming to schools.

Deerfield, IL

When Patty’s middle-school-aged daughter with Cerebral Palsy told her she felt invisible at school, Patty set out to teach her classmates, and students all over, how to empathize with people of all abilities.

Educating Outside the Lines embeds in schools to bring students thousands of touchpoints for empathy over the course of an immersive week. Physical, hidden, and developmental disabilities are discussed through engaging student speakers and hands-on activities in every class: from science, to english, to gym, to art. The immersion is what sets EOTL programming apart, and creates the important pathways for empathy and social emotional learning.

  • October 18, 2019

    Small Forces Selected as Finalist for Shorty Social Good Awards
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  • Working with Small Forces was the most amazing experience. It went beyond even feeling like you were working with a warm and trusted friend. I now consider the Small Forces staff to be family.

    Patty O’Machel, Educating Outside the Lines

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