Coaching Boys into Men:
Winning the game of life

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Coaching Boys into Men
San Francisco, California

Respect. Integrity. Nonviolence. These are the skills that some high school athletes are learning on the track, field and court to prevent violence and lead by example in their everyday lives.

Coaching Boys Into Men is a Futures Without Violence program that leverages the power of sports and coaches to make a difference in the athletes. Through weekly 15-20 minute meetings throughout the season, coaches teach and lead dialogues about issues such as substance abuse and healthy relationships. The conversations work because coaches are in a unique position to shape the way athletes behave on and off the field.

The program also turns participants into forces for social change in their communities. Participants are significantly more likely to intervene when witnessing disrespectful behaviors among their peers, creating a ripple effect that lasts even when the season is over.