Fr. John Schlegel exemplified his Jesuit “magis” — all for the greater glory of God — living freely, fearlessly. Magis means more. Doing more for others. Choosing the harder option. Acting when no one else would. Meet Fr. Schlegel, Small Forces Ally.

Our team interviewed Fr. Schlegel shortly before his passing on November 15, 2015. His vision for our humanity sparked our creation of Small Forces, and our emphasis on individual action rippling to do the most good.

“I do believe that inside all of us there that is a spark of generosity, that we all have the opportunity to enliven, and I think generosity is that thing that pulls the best of us out, generosity of time or creativity or just being with people, that spark of generosity I think can really help redefine the authentic self,” he said.

Fr. Schlegel understood that each of us has the capacity to create positive change in our communities. “We all make a difference. We’re all not Mother Teresas, Oscar Romeros, we’re our own little individuals working in our own space. I’m a great believer that God meets you where you are and in your circumstance, and empowers you from that position to reach out and do those little things, which collectively become much broader things,” he said.

We honor his memory with this telling of his story, and we hope to continue to honor his memory by highlighting people doing good works in their communities.